The 50th anniversary experience!


The legend begins

7 Officers of different branches of the Maine Law Enforcement Agencies started the greates Law Enforcement Motorcyle Club.


The 50th anniversary committee worked hard to convince the membership to hold this unique convention right where all started.


After a detailed research the committee decided to hold the convention in a ressort 100 miles from Bangor, ME, which has the capacaty to host all the members, who will be there for the celebration.


This will be Sugarloaf Mountain, ME.


After many great conventions during 50 years, this will be the a milestone in the books of the Blue Knights (R).

The legend turns 50!

The European Experience

Travel together in one plane!

Next year will be a unique opportunity to attend this great convention to celebrate our 50th anniversary.


Seeing old friends again! To meet new friends!

Meeting the two founding fathers to whom we have to thank for wearing our colors with pride and showing who we are on the streets.


So why not travel together? With friends!


With the mutual anticipation of a party that will be unique.



"That would be a amazing as one of the founding fathers it would be an honor to have yyou people at the 50th. maine is a beautiful place in the summer. there are only two founding fathers left. 50 years ago in my basement this club was formed. The rest is history. I have been to the 40th in Austria with over 1.700 wonderful Blue Knigths. Lets make this a historic convention. I coined the phrase motto: RIDE WITH PRIDE. I will be 88 years old at the 50th!"

Charles "Chuck" Shuman, Fouding Father & 1st Intl. President