Imagine this!

A plane full of Blue Knights from Europe heading to the 50th anniversary.


No, searching for flights!


No, risk with overbooking, delays or cancallation!


A unique journey. Never been there, nor will it be again!


CURIOUS? More informations to follow!

Was ist Möglich?

          What is possible? 

So könnte die Reise aussehen. Abhängig von den angebotenen Möglichkeiten, ergeben sich zwei Szenarien für die Reise.


This is what the journey could look like. Depending on the possibilities offered, there are two scenarios for the trip.

Der Favorit ist natürlich Option A. Darüber hinaus könnte sich der Zeitraum zum Anfang oder Ende, um einen oder zwei Tage verschieben.


The favorite is, of course, option A. In addition, the period could shift to the beginning or end, by one or two days.


The Rules for a
successful journey!

Rule 1:

The more participants, the cheaper the flight! 

Rule 2:

You must be honest with your intention to flight!

Rule 3:

Be aware, that there are some additional costs!!

Stay tuned for more informations